ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts Publications

Performing Arts Education Journal

A Journal in the field of performing arts education which covers methods, reviews, analysis, data collection and articles by educators and experts to reflect the role and importance performing arts education has all over the world. It must be a wide-reaching journal which is responsive to current times. It needs to present best practices and methods. It needs to give a voice and a platform not only to the Network but all academics, students, professors and practitioners from all over the world. It intends to have 2 to 4 editions per year, at first in digital form, obtained via free subscription and downloads from the ITI, Network, and affiliated partner websites. The language is English, other languages may follow.

It should be considered if there will be a purely academic edition focusing exclusively on higher education issues or an edition that approaches all the practitioners in the field of performing arts education. Or if there is a need, both can be envisioned. The first step is to create a Working Group whose task is to create a strategy paper and reflect on all questions that are connected with the creation of such a Journal. It should include a budget as the project cannot be done professionally without enough funding.


Levan KHETAGURI, Arts Research Institute of Georgia (Tbilisi, Georgia)