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The Grotowski Institute, Poland

The Grotowski Institute is a municipal cultural institution which combines artistic and research projects responding to the challenges laid down by the creative practice of Jerzy Grotowski as well as documenting and spreading knowledge about his achievements.

The primary venue of the Grotowski Institute is the historical home of the Laboratory Theatre in Przejście Żelaźnicze in Wrocław’s Market Square (Rynek). The Archive of the Grotowski Institute and the Laboratory Theatre Space, Ludwik Flaszen Reading Room, Office and CaféTHEA are located here. Na Grobli Studio opened in April 2010 at 30/32 Na Grobli Street, in the former home of the Wratislavia Rowing Association. Brzezinka, the forest base of the Grotowski Institute, is an isolated building near the village of Brzezinka, close to Oleśnica, 40 kilometres from Wrocław. In April 2019, a new space, the Bakery, opened at 62–70 Księcia Witolda Street. This professionally set-up theatre studio space houses the Centre for Performing Arts.

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Sabina Majcher


BodyConstitution programme
BodyConstitution is a programme of research in practice at the Grotowski Institute – a year-round work of a number of studios set up to analyse in practice various physical traditions and to incorporate their principles into performer training.

BodyConstitution includes practical seminars, open workshops and work demonstrations. It is a platform for conscious, consistent and responsible work on the body through the creation of a ‘lexicon’ of analysis and description of movement techniques and practices. The programme combines action and reflection to build a deep body culture. The project centres on physical actor training, its problems, teaching and self-study; on opening up for new methods of theatre work; and on an innovative methodology of the actor’s work understood as his/her self-development with particular emphasis on self-diagnosis and self-reflection as well as the ability to communicate the actor’s processes.

One of the main premises of the project is a belief that the creative development of artistic work methods is possible mainly through the constant confrontation of learned techniques with the experience, richness and variety of methods developed by teachers and artists from other traditions and cultures. With this in mind, the Grotowski Institute wants to create a space for meeting, sharing experiences and learning from invited teachers as well as prominent artists and masters of movement techniques representing various traditions and bodywork methods (martial arts, techniques from the borders of theatre, dance and contact improvisation). This exchange will take place both at the practical/workshop level and in the domain of theoretical reflection.

One of the central objectives of BodyConstitution will be to show the diversity and multi-valance of body practices: from body objectification to body subjectification, from ‘having a body’ to ‘being a body’. We would also like to build a practical and theoretical heuretics and hermeneutics of the body. How do we rework the ‘sources’ both in the field of training and while working on the actor’s material that we recast into scene material so that it can later become integrated into performance? Can we notice the three registers in which the source material is simultaneously transferred to the realm of the actor’s work? The registers are best described by three words: transmission, transition and transgression.

In what proportions are these three registers present in the actor’s work? How the material collected during research is ‘translated’ and to what extent its transfer breaks down the boundaries set by tradition and source techniques? We will be seeking answers to these questions during this year’s practical seminar workshops, training sessions, work demonstrations, screenings, discussions, exhibitions and performances, and also during BodyPedia, the series of discussions exploring the key terms and categories associated with the actor’s practice. Actor’s Atelier project
The Actor’s Atelier is a 3-year project of the Grotowski Institute divided into three yearly series of work sessions that will be held simultaneously at different partner venues in 2018–2021. Each year, at each of the venues, a group of 14 participants will take part in a course of 4–5 work sessions. Please note the sessions will be led in English.
The programme of the Actor’s Atelier in Paris consists of five sessions held in Paris and one session held in Wrocław, Poland. The Paris sessions will take place at La Guillotine, 24 rue Robespierre, 93100 Montreuil. Each session will consist of several-day training in the lines of practice represented by the leaders who hold regular work sessions at the Grotowski Institute in Wrocław.

Schedule of sessions at La Guillotine, Paris
30 November – 4 December 2018
4–8 January 2019
1–5 March 2019
26–30 April 2019
31 May – 4 June 2019
8–28 July 2019 at the Grotowski Institute, Wrocław

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  • Actor’s Hub – organised twice a year in April and October
  • Actor’s Atelier – a three-year programme organised in different countries
  • BodyConstitution – biennale seminar
  • Making Tomorrow’s Theatre – biennale